500 Republic is currently looking for competitive, career-minded candidates to aid with our expansion. Our training program is designed to cross-train the right candidate in all aspects of sales, business administration, talent scouting, team leadership, business development, market expansion, and public speaking.

What is it like working at 500 Republic?

We strive to provide a fun environment for our employees while pushing them to be successful. 500 Republic strongly believes that if we can help someone grow through personal development, they will become professionally successful.

Send Us Your Resume

Put your best foot forward by polishing your resume! In our industry, it's crucial to have interpersonal skills and consumer knowledge.

Time to interview

We meticulously evaluate each applicant and choose the best ones by hand. We can't wait to start getting to know you!

Second round of interviews

On our second round of interviews, we get to know our candidates better and establish professional relationships.

HR Application Decision

We are making sure that we choose the best candidates for the job. We'll reply to you right away!

Sales Representative

500 Republic is currently hiring entry-level individuals with a customer service, marketing, or sales background. We’ve found that candidates working or with past experience in retail, restaurant, hospitality, or customer service positions are very easy to train and make a great transition to our team. We specialize in areas of customer renewal, customer retention, and customer acquisition.

Management Trainee

As a Management Trainee at 500 Republic, requirements include conducting daily marketing and sales presentations on behalf of our client and providing impeccable customer service. We find that those with retail experience in their past excel in this role and quickly move up into leadership positions within our company. 500 Republic is looking for motivated individuals who want to take that next step in their careers.


While gaining experience, interns can help the management and senior employees by completing administrative and entry-level tasks. Among other things, interns update records, attend meetings, make calls and send emails, perform research, and help maintain customer relationships.